“Anti-Palestinian Racism: Analyzing the Unnamed and Suppressed Reality” by Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Abigail B. Bakan

For the past fifteen years, we have worked jointly and equally as political scientists with roots in the Palestinian (Abu-Laban) and Jewish (Bakan) diasporic and cultural traditions to analyze Israel/Palestine in relation to race, racism, and anti-racism. For much of the post-World War Two era, race has been curiously absent within political science scholarship in comparison to other disciplines. Moreover, many social scientists actively avoid discussions of the situation in Israel/Palestine in their research and teaching for fear of reprisals, and mainstream public discourse in the West, and in North America in particular,
has actively obscured attention to both Palestinians and race in the region. These twin absences – of race generally speaking, and of Israel/Palestine specifically – have distorted understanding of Israel/Palestine, notwithstanding some important notable exceptions amongst critical theorists. …

Abu-Laban, Yasmeen and Abigail B. Bakan. “Anti-Palestinian Racism: Analyzing the Unnamed and Suppressed Reality.” POMEPS/Project on Middle East Political Science (Special Issue on Racial Formations in Africa and the Middle East) 44 (2021): 143-14