Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race Exploring Identity and Power in a Global Context. By Yasmeen Abu-Laban & Abigail B. Bakan


As the situation in Israel/Palestine seems to become ever more intractable and protracted, the need for new ways of looking at recent developments and their historical roots is more pressing than ever. Bearing this in mind, Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Abigail B. Bakan discuss the historic and contemporary dynamics in Israel/Palestine, and their international reverberations, from the unique vantage point of ‘race’, racialization, racism and anti-racism. They therefore offer close analysis of the ‘idea’ of Israel and the ‘absence’ of Palestine by examining the concepts of race and identity in the region. With fresh coverage of themes relating to gender, Idigeneity, the environment , surveillance and the war on terror, Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race will appeal to scholars in political science, sociology and Middle East studies.