“Sheikh Jarrah, the permanent Nakba” by Dyala Hamzah

Sheikh Jarrah, a neighbourhood outside the walls north of Jerusalem, was the bucolic site chosen by Palestinian notables at the turn of the twentieth century to build more opulent homes than the cramped streets of the Old City would allow. The creation of Israel in 1948 led to the catastrophic expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians: also known as the Nakba, or ‘catastrophe.’ Sheikh Jarrah, like the entire conquered territory (now Israel) and the residual territory (now the “Palestinian territories” of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem), absorbed its share of Palestinian refugees…

Hamzah, Dyala (2021). “Sheikh Jarrah, the permanent Nakba,” Canadian Dimension, 21.05.2021

French vesrion:

Hamzah, Dyala (2021). Sheikh Jarrah ou la Nakba permanenteLa Presse, 15.05.2021